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Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

With fall in full gear and winter approaching, it’s time to consider what to do to prepare your car for icy conditions that will come soon to Bremerton. Are you prepared for ice on the roads? Here’s some suggestions for getting you and your car winter-ready again: Take advantage of traffic weather updates Take advantage of the resources at your disposal before you hit the road… website has live updates on Bremerton traffic that you can peruse before you leave the house. And obviously driving applications like GoogleMaps and Waze can steer you to new routes if traffic is bad or road conditions might be a problem on your trip. If you have an older Kindle or tablet in the home, it’s not a bad idea to keep it charged (preferably near the door you leave the house with) as a way to remind you to check before you leave. You can make it a habit to always look at the route you are taking before you to prepare for while still in th ... read more



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