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Valentine’s Day in Phase Three of a Pandemic

Valentine’s Day in Phase Three of a Pandemic

Photo by Engin_Ackyurt of Pixabay   Valentine’s Day used to be much simpler. You would make a plan, book your reservations, buy your tickets, and be ready to roll. But how do you bring home romance in a pandemic?   For some, Valentine’s Day is just a ploy to sell cards, but culturally, it’s how Americans measure where they are in their relationships– puppy love, still in love, forever in love, or if the love has gone out of everything. It’s OK to be cynical about it, but Valentine’s Day exists and matters to most people.   Bremerton used to have a lot more to do for Valentine’s Day. But the pandemic has narrowed our options. There’s less to do with Harborside Fountain Park’s fountains down for repairs and Kitsap Forest Theater closed for the winter season. Some of the most exciting restaurants closed down in the pand ... read more



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