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Giving Thanks to Our Heroes

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2021 is a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs for all of us. Some of us had the opportunity to work from home or take time off during the year. Many of our workforces had to buckle up and keep their heads down. These individuals deserve a moment in the spotlight, and we would like to give thanks for their efforts this year.


The story of 2021 is peppered with tales of our unsung heroes, and this month's blog is our way of highlighting a few of them. This is our small way of spotlighting the hard-working people in our community; here are some of the unsung heroes of 2021.


Grocery Store Employees - These stalwart soldiers put up with us at our best and our worst. They stood strong through the waves of people hoarding (remember the toilet paper situation, haha), the grocery shortages, and the long hours they work every day. They show up in the middle of the night to receive orders and stock shelves, and they keep us fed and happy through it all.


Food Delivery Drivers - Somebody had to bring everyone their burgers during all this mess, haha. Food delivery drivers strapped on their boots, charged up their phones, strapped their seatbelts on, and turned the ignition keys in their vehicles. They served the community when we told everyone else to stay home, bringing people small bags of comfort throughout the day. Thank you all for everything you do; we know it can be a tough job.


Auto Mechanics - Through the thick and the thin of it, somebody had to keep everyone on the road. Our auto mechanics are the unsung heroes of the day because they keep the world moving and everything arriving as it should. We wouldn't have our food delivered if the delivery driver's car wouldn't start, and we wouldn't have our groceries if our truck drivers couldn't trek.


2021 was a rough year for many people, and these individuals made it a little bit easier for all of us. Their everyday efforts are easy to overlook, and that is why we wanted to take a moment to highlight them in this month's blog. We appreciate our team of auto mechanics at LK's Auto Repair and if you need any help with your vehicle, drop by!


Visit us at LK's Auto Repair in Bremerton, WA, and our team of ASE-Certified Auto Mechanics will keep your vehicle going strong. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment; we welcome all our unsung heroes and everyday citizens, and we can't wait to service your needs. 



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