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Holiday Blahs You Can Avoid

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The Holidays Can Be Hard

With December arriving, the autumn weather we’ve been enjoying is now turning into a cold winter. December is a time of collapse, of death, but it’s also a promise of renewal if we trust the seasons. But as the Northern Hemisphere turns icy, some see the glass half-full of winter-y white, while glass-half-empty people will see the world as gray and colorless.


Just as people view the weather differently, the joyful holiday season has long been a source of pain to many people. The grieving ones reject the joy of it, feeling that someone is missing from their celebrations. The lonely feel left out or perhaps even excluded. Even those with large families may feel a sense of detachment as they are compelled to please others this holiday season.


If the holiday hits you badly, here are some strategies for coping during the winter months and getting back to yourself:

Forgive Yourself For Not Being Perfect

You can only do so much. And putting the responsibility for the happiness of others on your own shoulders is a terrible idea. Don’t feel guilty for not being inspired to give too much of yourself. Give yourself a break for doing what you can. Above all else, be kind to yourself.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

It’s tempting to pull away from the negative feelings the holidays can foster. Instead of pulling away, try to engage more. One way to do this well is to look for someone else doing the same pull-away as you and make sure they know you want to spend time and energy on them. Finding a kindred spirit and not wallowing in the same isolation is a great cure for the blahs.

Accept Love

The great thing about this season is that love is a core component of most of our holiday interactions. Make an effort to return love where you feel inspired. Like gift-giving, it’s the love we extend that makes the holidays good– not the love we receive.

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