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How to Figure Out if Your Car is Worth Keeping

When money is tight, most car owners opt to maintain the car they have rather than buy a new one. But, if the car they currently have isn’t worth keeping, the desire for a new car or a “new” used car grows.

When looking at all factors in a logical sense, not an emotional sense, how do you figure out if your car is worth keeping?

If you have an emotional attachment to purchasing or leasing a newer vehicle, that’s fine. We get it. New or “new” cars are appealing! They are clean. They smell good. They look brighter and shinier. They hold the promise of a better experience. We understand all of this. Emotions are what drives people (no pun intended) to acquire a new vehicle.

But let’s look at your current car from a logical perspective. Is it worth keeping? Here are some questions to ask yourself about your current vehicle:


  • Is it reliable? If not, what would it take to improve its dependability?

  • Does it function well for you, your family, and your profession? Does it have enough doors, seats, cargo space, headroom, and footroom?

  • Does it have all the safety features you need? If not, can you add on those features, like Bluetooth or a backup camera?

  • Has the vehicle been regularly maintained?

  • Has the vehicle been in an accident, and was it restored to pre-accident, factory-level standards?

  • Is the car paid for? If not, how soon will it be paid off?

  • Has the vehicle cost you way more in repairs than you ever expected? We’re not talking regular maintenance costs. We’re talking catastrophic repairs that put a major ding in your budget.

  • Looking at it from a logical perspective, have you become emotionally detached from your current vehicle? Or, do you still look at it with fondness because of all the positive memories you gained from this vehicle?

Take a look at your answers, and you should be able to assess logically if the vehicle is worth keeping. If you decide that yes, it is reliable enough, it fits your needs, you still look at it with fondness, and you’ve been good about maintaining it, chances are high that it’s worth keeping.

There is also a major financial component to keeping your current vehicle. If it’s paid off, if you have regularly maintained it, and if it serves all of your transportation needs, it is going to be way more affordable than a new or “new” used car. With any new vehicle, you will be making a car payment, higher insurance fees, new licensing fees, and sales tax. When comparing a new car versus the car you currently have, it makes lots of dollars and sense to keep the car you have and make it last a long time.

At LK’s Auto Repair in Bremerton, we completely understand the emotional and the logical components of deciding if your car is worth keeping. We counsel our clients on this topic regularly. That is why we advocate taking great care of the vehicle you have so it can take care of you, your passengers, your cargo, and your professional needs, especially in a down economy.

We invite you to visit the professionals at LK's Auto Repair in Bremerton. We will be happy to offer the extra value and care that allows you to see all of your options, be informed about your vehicle’s needs, and help your car last longer. Our ASE-Certified auto mechanics are highly trained to service and repair your vehicle. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative, a shop that genuinely cares, and a team that is community focused, LK's Auto Repair is your best bet. We are located at 5921 St Hwy 303 NE #100 Bremerton, WA 98311. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!



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