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Is Your Vehicle Ready for Holiday Road Trips?

December is here! We welcome you to the Holiday season and hope your and your family have a festive, joyous plan this year. 

Last month, we covered the best steps to take in getting your vehicle ready for winter. There’s excellent advice there about using live Bremeton traffic updates before you leave the house, to evaluate your route. We’d like to recommend that your take the initiative to map the route out ahead of time and plan pit stops for meals, bathroom breaks, and gas, too, so that you can accurately tell your kids if they ask the dreaded question, “How long til we get there” the actual time it will take you. Equally, with a little internet research, you can determine high-traffic peaks and avoid them by managing your pit stops to go with them.

If you didn’t get your car winterized last month and are planning a holiday road trip, please consider coming into LK’s Auto Repair for a tune-up. There is so much that needs to be just right before you travel in the worst weather of the year:

Check the Battery - it’s important to check for corrosion, or any weakness in the signal. A dead battery in a snowdrift is an unhappy place to be.
Update the Tires - your tires need to be checked for proper PSI and tread wear. Snow tires should be used if you are in danger of going into heavy snow during your trip. Do you need the tires rotated?
Antifreeze - your antifreeze/coolant needs to be topped up. Have you ever had a flush? If your car has seen five years and has never had any kind of systems flush, it’s prudent to ask your mechanic about it.
Oil Filter - This is the most common service seen at LK and likely, you’ve still got a few thousand miles to go on your old filter… but if you find yourself under 1000 miles before the next big trip, it makes more sense to get it updated than to wait!

At LK’s Auto Repair, we’re here for you. If you need an engine inspection before your holiday trip, book in now! We can be found at 5921 St Hwy 303 NE #100 Bremerton, WA 98311. Click this link to schedule service with us. To know us is to love us. So, please, let us get to know you, and your car! 




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