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Planning the Best Summer Road Trip, Ever!

Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay 


Are you ready to hit the road this summer? If you’re not prepared to get on a plane with masks optional and want to stretch your legs and see a little bit of America, a road trip might be the tonic you need to recharge your batteries. And families cooped up all year might enjoy a long journey together.


But if you want to make the trip a success, you need to plan for the adventure in a way that satisfies every member of your family. If it’s been a few years since you went on the open road with family or friends, here’s a refresher on things to do before you go!


Know Where To Go -- a crucial element of planning the perfect getaway is having a clear idea of what to expect at the end. Don’t just read ads; read reviews. Be aware of factors like weather and illness that can close attractions.


Make A Plan B -- When you have a destination in mind, always have options. If the worst happens and you find your plans have been ruined at the last moment, an hour’s worth of research done at the beginning of the journey can save your trip.


Stay Someplace That Suits You -- gone are the days where you have to spend top dollar for a hotel with a disgusting carpet. Sites like VRBO and Airbnb offer elegant home life, where you can make meals and watch television if you want. 


Map The Route Out -- Knowing the traffic flow during your trip can make travel considerably less stressful. Planning bathroom breaks and gas breaks out is a good strategy. It can help you teach your kids to read mile markers when they ask, “how long ’til we get there?”


Get The Best Help -- Many smartphone apps can help you with your journey. I would recommend GasBuddy, especially for giving you the lay of the land. It’s easier to plan which gas stations to stop at when you know which places consistently have the best prices. That kind of thinking ahead can save you anxious, neck-craning searches as you near your stopping points.


Pack for the Journey -- If you bring sugary snacks or stomach-upsetting ones into the car, that will make for unhappy travelers. Ban high-sugar snacks from your kids and make nutritious, delicious snacks at home. Pack a cooler and bring purified water bottles with drink sachets to avoid soda and Slurpees. 


Pass The Time Together -- Your entire family deserves a say in the trip. Go over some of the options you might pass up usually. Rather than discourage stops you don’t want to make, make it clear that it will make the journey longer– this gives your spouse and kids options to consider. Is the stop worth the delay? If it will satisfy curiosity and be an experience you can have as a family, it is. And plan music mixes that include some of everyone’s favorites so that everyone gets a little of what they like. Give each family member one veto of a song they don’t want to hear, and then save the surviving songs to a Spotify list or a thumb drive if your car accepts them. (Join us next month for some great playlists for Summer trial!)


Don’t Forget To Get a Check-Up -- Don’t make a long trip without getting your vehicle looked at first. It’s best to know what issues you might face soon, especially if you’re driving in the summer heat.

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