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Play It Cool: the Importance of your A/C when traveling

Image by Mikes-Photography from Pixabay


Welcome to July! For this month’s blog issue, we invite you to learn more about the functions and the importance of your air conditioning (A/C) system! 


July is known as a time for vacations, traveling, and of course, the summer heat. Your vehicle can act as an oven by heating up to the temperature outside on hot days. Fortunately, your A/C system works to avoid just that! Here are our points on why it is vital to keep your air conditioning system in good working order:



The A/C system has a similar concept as the heating system. The heating system works to warm up your vehicle’s interior while the A/C system works to cool it. On hot days, turning on the A/C system brings cool air into your car, bringing comfort for the driver and passengers. 



Have you ever experienced foggy windshields? Then you might know the difficulty that comes with fog to be able to see the road. Turning on your A/C system helps to remove any fog buildup inside the vehicle so you can see ahead as clearly as possible. 



As we previously mentioned, the A/C system is excellent for lowering temperatures inside the vehicle. Still, it also has a small but significant role to play in reducing the engine heat. The A/C system works to cool down the coolant liquid used in your engine. The coolant heats up due to the friction between moving parts and the ignition of the gasoline. The coolant then travels towards the air intake, which is partly cooled by the A/C system in many models. The coolant then races back to the hot parts of the engine. It lowers the temperature by introducing the colder coolant. 


It is important to note that one clear sign that your A/C system is not working correctly is if no air issues out of the vents in your car. Another important note to keep in mind is that if you see any liquid spill coming from your vehicle, contact us immediately to identify the leak and make sure it is not your coolant. 


Here atLK’S Auto Repair, we strive to offer the best A/C service and repair. If you need service or a check-up on your automobile, please click here to schedule an appointment to get your car right again!



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