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Possible Road Trip Ideas Around Seattle After COVID Lockdowns End

Possible Road Trip Ideas Around Seattle After COVID Lockdowns End

With our beautiful backyard, there are so many places to adventure to and dream of visiting. Let's take a look at some of the highlights within 150 miles of us.

The beautiful San Juan islands are simply glorious. If you have the time to make the trip, you truly will be glad that you did. Once you are out of the city and crossing the twin bridges over to Fidalgo Island, on your way to Anacortes, you will feel the difference in the air. There is something about the islands that feels magical. Taking the time to smell the salt air and ride a ferry over to a quiet island is a unique experience. Do you like mountains and lakes? Orcas is the island for you if you love rugged beaches and tranquil pastureland, Lopez is the place to go if you love lighthouses and a little nightlife, be sure to stay on San Juan.

Do you love bridges? Thinking a little sun and a case of keeping it weird is just what the doctor ordered, head to Portland for a fun weekend getaway and is only 3 hours away. There is so much to see and do there, such as OMSI or the many art galleries and coffee shops sporting local artists' wares. Don't forget to visit Powell's books while you are in Portland, and be sure to grab a bite to eat from one of the many food trucks.

If you are looking for a serene and scenic experience, take a drive to the Olympic National Park. The incredible lush landscape, climate, and wildlife is a real treat to the senses. Wandering around the lush temperate rainforest, with several pebbly beaches and alpine mountain ranges within view, you are sure to be overwhelmed with a sense of peace and beauty.

Mount Rainier is not far away, and the national park surrounding is breathtaking, filled with wildflowers, and amazing hikes abound. You are sure to be amazed by the breathtaking Myrtle falls waterfall, which features a 72' plunge into a rugged gorge.

If you are seeking waterfalls, be sure to make a trip to Snoqualmie Falls. Pack a picnic and make a day of it, feeling the spray of the waterfalls as you enjoy your lunch. There are a lot of trails to choose from, ranging from very steep to meandering paths.

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