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Spring Cleaning -- Fluid Checks Your Car Needs Now

Welcome to LK Auto Repair Blog! It’s Spring, and it’s time for spring cleaning. It’s a great time to clean our engines, change our filters, and check our vehicles’ fluids. We can drive into Spring with a clean and fresh beginning for our cars. 

Spring is a perfect time to start fresh to ensure your vehicle can have the proper maintenance it needs. Checking your fluid levels and keeping your car’s appropriate fluids will keep your vehicle happy and allow it to function correctly. You should check seven fluids within your vehicle to ensure the fluids are clean and at a sufficient level.

  1. Oil
  2. Antifreeze/coolant
  3. Transmission
  4. Power Steering
  5. Brake
  6. A/C Coolant
  7. Windshield fluid

It takes more than fluids to keep your car happy. A clean air filter can help your vehicle run smoothly and is designed to keep dirt and debris away from the intake. Neglecting the air filter can cause damage to your engine and decrease gas mileage. If the engine does not get the right amount of clean air, it will not function properly. There is also a cabin air filter that protects you while you are in your vehicle, removing harmful pollutants as well as dust and pollen. If you notice that your car has an odor or your airflow has decreased, get your cabin air filter replaced. 

If you are ready to spring clean your vehicle and need your fluids checked or your air filters changed, please do not hesitate to come to LK’s Auto Repair! You can locate us at 5921 St Hwy 303 NE #100 Bremerton, WA 98311. Click this link to schedule service. We are here for your needs!



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