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Spring Forward

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


As we reach another March, all of the usual rites of spring are upon us. Birds and bees, kite-flying weather, and some rainy days to come are on the horizon. We hope you are looking forward to better weather and a wonderful summer to follow.


At LK’s Auto Repair, we want to remind you that Daylight Savings Time is upon us once again. DST gives us more daylight hours in the winter, so it’s helpful, even if it is a bit of an unwelcome adjustment each year. It’s time to ‘spring forward’ by setting our clocks one hour ahead at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, March the 13th. (Your smartphone will likely take care of this for you, but a standard clock will probably need resetting.)


As we ‘spring forward’ for the season, it’s a good time to reflect on the past year. There’s a gas shortage on, and after an autumn dip in gas prices, they’ve gone up again and don’t seem to be leveling off. The United States of America has been dependent on gasoline for a very long time now, and we’ve thumbed our noses at the opportunity to shake the pumps loose. But some states are already planning to make fossil fuel dependency a thing of the past. California, in particular, has drawn a line under it, refusing to allow new gas stations to be built. 


At this crossroads in time, perhaps we can start to plan for the future at last. It might be time, if you’ve never considered an Electric Vehicle before, to start planning to make your next vehicle part of the new wave of cars that are no longer solely dependent on gasoline. Hybrid cars split the difference and make sure you are less dependent on charging stations. Full electrics are now a reality, with even manufacturers like Ford in on the idea.


As for LK’s Auto Repair, don’t worry about us. We’re with you all the way, and we’re already moving into electric car and hybrid service and even preparing for the coming of hydrogen cars. At the same time, we still care for standard combustion engines with the same care and relish that we always have. Whatever technology becomes emergent, we will still be your trusty garage. What we want to do is take excellent care of your current vehicle while you begin to take the next step forward.


Here atLK’S Auto Repair, we strive to offer the high end of auto repair and will continue to do so for as long as we remain open to the Bremerton public. If you need service or a check-up on your automobile, please click here to schedule an appointment to get your car right again!



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