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Starting a New Year The Right Way

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Here Comes 2023!

It looks like we’ve managed to make it through another year! We hope 2022 was kind to you and your family and that you are going into the New Year strong and ready for whatever comes next. 


Given how hard 2022 was for many of us, we hope you are planning how to navigate this new year. And if you haven’t thought ahead to the new year yet, we’d like to make a few suggestions starting 2023 strong.


As you begin to sort out your priorities for 2023 and decide what direction your year will take, we hope you will make some tactical choices about your vehicles. Your vehicles can become so dear to you that they have names and identities. They annoy you when they falter and please you when they manage to persevere in difficult circumstances. While anthropomorphizing your vehicle is a fun exercise, cars are not people; unlike your own body, your vehicle cannot self-heal. Cars need attention and upkeep to stay in peak health. We want to partner with you on maintaining all your vehicles this year and help you keep your cars for many years to come.


At LK’s, we put great stock into preventive maintenance and want you to do the same. We would much rather you spend a small amount on maintaining your car than a significant amount to try to undo what didn’t get done earlier. Those small amounts work to prevent the significant amounts from ruining your fun and setting you back. There’s more fanfare if we recover your car from a bad situation and more money for us, but there’s a better relationship between LK’s Auto Repair and you if we keep your vehicle tended enough that you don’t have to deal with systemic damage due to neglect. We’d rather make less money in the short term and get praised less than get more money and watch you roll the dice on our ability to recover your vehicle from long-term damage. Those relations tend to sour with the car once we can no longer repair it, and we’re shown to not be miracle workers, after all. 

Preventive maintenance is the best way to get ahead of the problems 2023 will bring your way. Ask us about it today! We offer a VIP Maintenance Plan that can help improve your car’s performance all year round. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance plans and services. If you have any questions or need assistance, please click here to schedule an appointment with LK’s Auto Repair in Bremerton to keep your car in great working condition!



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