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The Future of Sports Cars

Image by TayebMEZAHDIA on Pixabay


Welcome to the future— or 2022, anyway. It’s a time of revolution in automobiles. Everything is changing, and we’re in for a bumpy ride in the next eight years of car evolution. 


There’s been so much innovation since the 2008 market crash. Some auto manufacturers have kept their heads down low, trying to survive by staying with the pack. A few others, like Ford, have managed to increase efficiency and improve their product line. For all car manufacturers, the writing’s clearly on the wall– soon, many states will stop allowing gas stations to be built or new gas cars to be sold.


We’re looking at the future of sports cars and trying to extrapolate the market’s market by 2030 based on the anticipated market influencers. For example, we know that self-driving cars will need to ‘see’ sports cars (and all vehicles) somehow, so we will likely see a body shape that evokes emotion and recognition.


Once the changes begin to hit, EVs and Hydrogen vehicles will likely flood into the market in a battle to become the dominant form. If carmakers invent fast-charging EVs in time, we may never see a hydrogen market. But we will likely see Hydrogen vehicles for one main reason: convenience. 


A sports car tethered to slow-charging EV ways is a fly in the ointment for sports cars. People want convenience, comfort, and speed. While current EVs, such as the Honda and Toyota line, make an excellent argument for EVs being fast, responsive cars, just the association with slow-charging may put Hydrogen vehicles in a much better light.


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