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The Monster Within: Dealing with Road Rage

Photo byJoshua Wordel onUnsplash

As the summer ends, tensions begin to rise. With school back on, there’s more pressure. We have the expectations and demands of the holiday season inching closer. During September and October, some of our relaxed psyche, our ‘chill,’ goes away. And the roads start to get more competitive.

Drivers begin to cheat each other on the road to get a few seconds’ progress. And that can let the monster out. People cut corners and cut each other off. This dangerous behavior creates feelings of being taken advantage of and resentment. When stuck in a situation from someone else’s bad choices, It’s easy to let the stress of life make you snap at people on the road and lead you to make bad choices of your own. 


Being angry in a hurtling metal box is a reckless state of being. It does nothing to improve the drive or make you safer. It’s a reaction, and you are expected to feel a certain amount of anger and frustration at selfish driving around you. It’s okay to own it and allow yourself to process it. 


But never let it change you. Hold fast to your sense of good. Realize that someone cutting you off or making an obscene gesture is someone with problems of their own, trying to make it through their day, too, and losing their grace. The worst thing a person can do to you on the road (outside of crashing your car) is take away your grace. Don’t let them. Be kind, even when others are selfish. Have compassion. Remember that the objective of driving in traffic isn’t a race to win. It’s to make it to the destination safely.


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