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The Simple Things Can Make A Real Difference In Your Vehicle

Photo by Fortune Vieyra on Unsplash


Welcome to the May blog for LK’s Auto Repair! 

We notice most in the cars we repair as auto mechanics because people tend to cut corners that cost them massive amounts of money down the road in damage to their vehicle. Not to bite the hand that feeds us, but we’d much rather maintain a car from damage than fix ruined parts. Here are some suggestions for eliminating money-eating problems by doing these simple things to make a real difference in your vehicle.

  • Let the car run before putting it in gear. There is good data that this lowers your car’s gas efficiency by wasting gas sitting still, and that is entirely true. It’s also true that your car needs oil in the way a human body needs blood. While your blood will circulate for your whole life, your vehicle only circulates oil when the engine starts, and that can take some time to get around your machine. Other fluids equally begin moving, such as brakes and transmission. Give these systems a moment to process. Let your vehicle get a head start before you start to spin around Bremerton.

  • Respect your transmission. If you have an Automatic or Manual transmission, do not change direction (forward/reverse) unless you are at a complete stop. Doing so damages the transmission and can lead to costly repairs. Always come to a full stop when switching between your car's forward momentum and reversing.

  • Bring it by LK’s Auto Repair for an inspection. It’s wise to know where your vehicle’s repair needs are at-- and what your upcoming costs will be. Just a single examination can save you from a potentially disastrous breakdown. This is the essence of preventive maintenance.

If it’s been a little while since your car has been seen by our auto mechanics, schedule an appointment with LK’s Auto Repair for an inspection! We can be found at 5921 St Hwy 303 NE #100 Bremerton, WA 98311. Schedule an appointment today. To know us is to love us.



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