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The Virtues of Fluid Exchanges

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Fluid Exchanges & Your Car

What’s a fluid exchange? And has the car you are driving ever had one? 


A fluid exchange is what used to be called a ‘flush’, back in the day. It’s the bleeding out of old fluid, especially that fluid that has collected dirt, gravel, and particles in it, and replacing it with new, fresh fluid. This is done for the coolant, the transmission, the oil, the power steering– any crucial fluids that can see a contaminant buildup over time. While the fluid cannot be made 100% pure (this is why we no longer use the term ‘flush’), it is significantly healthier for your car.

How Can a Fluid Exchange Benefit My Car?

Your car is as complex of a system as your body is, But your body can heal itself. It purges toxins and waste on a daily basis. But poisons that build up in places, like kidney stones and gallstones, as well as hardening arteries, represent damage to the systems of your body that require medical intervention. 


A fluid exchange is like medical intervention. It addresses symptoms that tell us your car has seen a lot of road and could use a cleaning of its pathways. We can’t 100% fix a body, just as we can’t 100% fix a car- - but we can do a good job of shutting down the buildup of damage. 

Let LK’s Intervene On Behalf of Your Car

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