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What Could A Family’s Fleet Of Cars Look Like In The Future?

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If you look at all that is happening this year, a myriad of changes are taking place in how we socialize, how we work, how we attend school, how we travel, how much we drive, how much we spend, etc. This leads to the question: What could a family’s fleet of vehicles look like in the near future as well as in the distant future?

At LK’s Auto Repair in Bremerton, WA, we’ve been giving this question a lot of though. Before COVID-19, downtown Seattle city planners sought ways to reduce the number of cars in the area. Since March 2020, the global pandemic has drastically shifted everyone’s daily habits by requiring social distancing, which showed a further reduction in the use of our cars. Therefore, here are our estimates of what the trends caused by the pandemic and the economy will do to your family’s fleet of vehicles.


  • There will be fewer new cars sold, especially luxury vehicles.

  • Used car sales will increase, especially domestic and Asian vehicles.

  • Truck sales (new and used) will increase because more people want towing capabilities.

  • RV sales and rentals will increase.

  • The number of vehicles in the family fleet will remain the same or shrink, but not expand.

  • The cars that the family decides to keep will be well maintained to extend the life of those vehicles.

  • Young drivers may go from each having a car of their own to sharing a car with siblings and parents.

  • The focus for the family will be on multi-purpose vehicles that can carry a lot of passengers and cargo, instead of specialty vehicles, like two-seaters or convertibles.

  • Families will want to save money, so they will be less eager to spend a lot of money on vehicles that have high maintenance costs or do not perform well beyond 150,000 miles.

Can you relate to these predictions of ours? 

Do you agree that your family fleet of vehicles may morph into a smaller, more efficient, multi-purpose fleet? 

If you disagree with our predictions, we would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Of course, none of us have a crystal ball and can predict an accurate future. However, our experience shows us these predictions are highly likely as the economy continues towards recession.

However, there is good news for you and your family fleet of cars. 

LK’s Auto Repair in Bremerton is a highly-respected, family-owned auto repair shop that offers top-notch preventive maintenance service for all major car brands. Regardless of what happens to your family fleet of cars, LK’s Auto Repair is here to help your car stay safer, provide you with information so you can make intelligent decisions, and help your car last longer. We always take a proactive, preventive approach to car maintenance for your family fleet so you reduce the risk of a breakdown or the need for a tow truck.

When your vehicles require factory-scheduled service or if your Check Engine light comes on, we invite you to LK's Auto Repair in Bremerton. Experience the peace of mind that comes with letting our ASE-Certified auto mechanics service your vehicle. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative, a shop that genuinely cares, and a team that is community-focused, LK's Auto Repair is your best bet. We are located at 5921 St Hwy 303 NE #100 Bremerton, WA 98311. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!



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