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What Kind Of Customer Service Can You Expect From LK’s Auto Repair?

Taking a chance on an auto repair shop can be a very hard thing to do. It’s difficult to know if you’re with the people until you give them a try. For those who have never relied on us before, you might wonder when you come into LK’s Auto Repair in Bremerton, what kind of customer service can you expect to receive from us? 

Good relations between a customer and a mechanic are what makes or breaks a repair shop. We have a reputation in Bremerton that we are eager to uphold. So when we work on your car, we’re actively building a relationship with you, a relationship based on trust, that we will look out for you at every step, letting you know all the options available to you-- and not the ones that will line our pockets.

We’re not transactional… “here’s your car, be on your way”. None of us here would want to work in that kind of unhappy environment. We want that very first visit to be friendly, setting you at ease, but also professional. We want you to see the work we put into your car, as much as we can show it to you.

And it’s very true that we want to earn your trust with every visit you make to LK’s Auto Repair. We want you to come into our shop on your second visit, confident you’re going to receive great value and excellent work, from the friendly people who helped you out before. We’re going to communicate as much as we can with you, and show you that we respect your choice in trusting us again.

On your third visit, we want you to know us by our first names, and know that we know you well, and know your car’s history. We’d be disappointed with anything less. Read these three 5-star reviews from the last three months left on our website, to get a better understanding of the rapport we are trying to build with each customer who comes into LK’s Auto Repair:

“Keith and his wife were extremely professional. Keith’s diagnostic’s capability and detailed explanation made it easy for me to make decisions for repair. I always felt Keith had my best interest as a priority. While I was waiting in their waiting room, it was obvious he treated all customers with the same professionalism. Highly recommended for anyone in need of auto repairs.” - TC, 9/14/2020

“We have found our mechanic for as long as we live in the area! Honest, personable and fantastic customer service! I have brought in two cars to this place through my daughter. Everything was explained, no hidden fees or surprises when we picked up the vehicles. If you are looking for someone who will be upfront and honest with you, I recommend Keith and his crew! Thank you for a fantastic experience!” - KC, 8/30/2020

“Incredibly friendly, helpful, and nice. Repeatedly spent several minutes helping me to understand exactly what was going on with my car, what it would cost to fix it, and whether or not it would be worth it in the first place. One of the few mechanic places whose owners still have a fully-intact soul-- they easily could have tried to upsell me into a nearly $4000 repair job, but instead opted to spend their time letting me know the different options, price ranges, and benefits to said options. They've got a customer for life from me and my family.” - KL, 7/1/2020

To know us is to love us. So, please, let us get to know you, and your car! Come to LK’s Auto Repair for your next service. We can be found at 5921 St Hwy 303 NE #100 Bremerton, WA 98311. Click this link to schedule service with us, or call us at 360-525-1118. 



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