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Your Maintenance Calendar: February

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Your Maintenance Calendar: February

As the calendar flips to February, it's time to examine the specific needs your vehicle may have during this month. Let's explore the essential maintenance tasks to keep your car running smoothly as we navigate through the second month of the year.

Tire Care

February often brings unpredictable weather, including rain, snow, and icy conditions. Your tires play a crucial part in maintaining traction and overall safety on the road. Check the tire pressure regularly, and if you live in an area with colder temperatures, consider switching to winter tires for enhanced grip. Our skilled technicians at LK's Auto Repair can assess your tire health and recommend the best options for your driving needs.

Battery Check

Cold weather can take a toll on your vehicle's battery. A weak or aging battery might struggle to start in chilly temperatures. At LK's Auto Repair, we offer complimentary battery checks to ensure your vehicle starts reliably throughout winter. Don't wait until you're stranded in the cold – let us proactively assess your battery's health.

Fluid Levels

February is an ideal time to check and top up your car's essential fluids such as coolant, engine oil, and windshield washer fluid. Maintaining proper fluid levels contributes to your vehicle's overall health and performance. If you're due for an oil change or notice any fluid leaks, visit LK's Auto Repair, where our experienced team will promptly address your vehicle's needs.

Brake Inspection

With winter weather conditions prevailing, ensuring your brakes are top-notch is paramount. Slick roads demand responsive and effective braking systems. If you experience any unusual noises or notice changes in braking performance, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to LK's Auto Repair for a comprehensive brake inspection.

Lights and Visibility

Diminished daylight hours make functional lights and clear visibility imperative. Check all exterior lights, including headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. Replace any burnt-out bulbs promptly.  In addition, ensure that your windshield wipers are in good condition and change them if needed. At LK's Auto Repair, we can quickly address any lighting or visibility issues to keep you safe on the road.

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As February unfolds, prioritize the maintenance tasks outlined in this guide to keep your vehicle performing at its best. At LK's Auto Repair, we understand your car's unique needs and our dedicated team of experts is ready to assist you. Regular maintenance not only ensures your safety on the road but also extends the life of your vehicle.


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Remember, proactive care is the key to preventing costly repairs down the road.



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