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The Five Best Ways To Improve Fuel Mileage

The Five Best Ways To Improve Fuel Mileage

It’s 2021, and a vaccine for COVID-19 is being rushed into production as I write this. It may not be very long before life begins to return to what we used to call normal, and people are summoned back to their offices to work under their employers’ scrutiny. Gas prices, which have been low as demand has waned, may rise dramatically again. So getting the most efficiency out of your car may once again prove to be important. Here are some tips to improve your fuel mileage: Pay attention to your tires. Tires out of tread, tires out of alignments, imbalance tires-- these are all factors that can improve your fuel efficiency. Take it easy. Driving slower and smoother has big savings for you. Every time your ramp up your RPM accelerating, you’re burning fuel. The less of that you do, the more you’ll save.  Do not rest your foot on the brake pedal. It sounds odd, but some people do this as a matter of preparedness. Doing so means that you can lightly pressure t ... read more



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