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How to Prepare for Unexpected Snow

Photo by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash

Welcome to another crisp holiday season! We hope the sudden arrival of cold weather isn’t taking you by surprise; and that you might even have a White Christmas to look forward to in what remains of 2021. 

 But for many in Bremerton, snow is a burden that we’re not really looking forward to; or prepared for! Because of that reason, it’s wise to stay ahead of the situation and prepare ourselves; in case of an unanticipated snowstorm. Here are our top five tips for preparing for unexpected snow.


Don’t bury your head in the snow -- Every year, Bremerton runs the same risk. And when there’s sudden snow, panic buying ensues, and store shelves get cleared out. What if this year, you bought the rock salt this week? What if you brought in extra staples (milk, eggs, bread), prescriptions, soups, pastas, snacks, toiletries, feminine care (and any baby care products you may need), not to excess -- but in advance of your needs? Also, keep an eye on local news resources for weather updates.


Keeping warm -- If your family catches pneumonia and has thousands of dollars in damage to the water pipes, you’re not really saving money, are you? Make sure the heating is warm enough for everyone and keep the house cozy; don’t forget to stock up on candles and fireplace supplies in case the power goes out.


Protect your pipes -- If the pipes freeze, you’re in for a very uncomfortable time. Keep your house to a minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Open the cabinet doors in your bathrooms and kitchen to ensure the warmer air circulates over those pipes. Allow your pipes to drip overnight to prevent the water inside from freezing solid.


Rehearse for the worst -- It’s not enough to buy snow chains for your tires. You need to know how to put them on your tires. Practice it in better weather to make sure you can do it in the worst weather. LK’s Auto Repair can help you work these things out when you come by for service.


Winterize your vehicle -- Here’s the place LK’s Auto Repair can really help out. We went over this in our October blog, but if you missed it, here’s a quick refresher. We recommend that you inspect your battery, your tire pressure, top off your anti-freeze, and check your wipers. We can, of course, do this for you. We recommend you also install an emergency kit, including a first aid kit, a crank-powered solar flashlight (we like the GoalZero Torch 500), jumper cables, and snacks in case you get stranded.


Don’t get caught out if you’ve been ignoring the approach of winter. If you need your car winterized, bring it in as early as possible and let our mechanics baby your vehicle to winter snugness! Here atLK’S Auto Repair, we strive to offer the high end of auto repair. If you need service or a check-up on your automobile, please click here to schedule an appointment to get your car right again!



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